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Frequent Questions about

personal loans from Olipay

It's super simple and fast:
  • Download the Olipay App from the PlayStore
  • Enter your basic data such as full name and documents
  • Complete your profile
  • Then just place the order and wait for the analysis: it can take up to 2 hours to leave
  • Soon, you will know when you are approved!

A profile may not be approved for several reasons, this is because our application analyzes several factors at the same time. But that does not mean that you will not get a loan in the future! We are constantly making adjustments, and working on new solutions so that more people are approved, so it is important that you keep the application installed. Within 1 month you can try again.

The term for transferring your loan is 2 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). We will notify you via push / sms message. Remember that you must be the bank account holder and inform your bank details correctly, otherwise the transfer will not be made and the loan will be canceled.

Our loans range from R$ 150.00 to R $5,000, but the amounts increase over time and gradually. This happens when you pay on time and take out more loans. Keeping up with your installments is very important to get bigger loans!

By paying on time your chances of getting higher values increase! We have created a system where the amounts will gradually increase as the user pays the installments on time and asks for new loans of the same amount.

You can apply for a new loan right after paying the previous one. Remembering that each loan is analyzed individually, and the application can approve or refuse regardless of whether you have already applied for another loan with us.

Although we verify your credit score with the credit protection agencies, this factor is not decisive when approving a loan. We observed several factors, but your profile can still be approved even if you have a bad credit score.

The loans are personal and non-transferable. Remember that when applying for a loan you are committed to making the payment, and you are solely responsible for fulfilling the payment of the credit requested on your behalf. In this case, we do not advise you to apply for loans to third parties, even if you are a family member or close friend.

Are you sure you want to delete your account?
You will lose your credit score, your earned points and there is still a possibility that you will not be approved for a loan in the future.
Can I delete my account if you have fees pending payment?
Your account cannot be deleted because you have a loan pending payment, once you have paid the total you can delete your profile on Olipay.
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