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Our embedded credit platform empowers any wallet, e-commerce, marketplace, brand, consumer-focused service or software provider to offer loans to its customers. Through our API, we do everything from onboarding, KYC and compliance, credit scoring, loan processing, funding and disbursement and even collections. The entire process from start to finish is fully embedded into your app or website through a mini-app experience.

While for compliance reasons we do not offer a pure "white-label" service at the moment, Olipay takes 100% of the risk in underwriting and makes targeted dynamic loan offers to your customers, resulting in higher approval rates and better retention over the long term. More than just a lending provider, we work with you to build up the credit portfolio and make sure that we unlock as much potential as possible from offering truly tailor-made financial services to your customers.

Olipay pays a commission to its partners based on both the origination volume and performance of the loans. We setup clear and standard shared revenue targets that vary based on the overall volume originated in a given month. Our incentive is aligned with yours in servicing as many of your customers as possible and generating high engagement with them over time.

Because we take all the risk in underwriting every loan, we need as much data as possible into your customer's likelihood of repayment. Our AI-based predictive technology quickly processes tens of thousands of data points and makes a credit decision within a minute. Having access to this alternative data is vital to the success of your customer's credit portfolio as it helps us unlock higher approval rates and make more tailor-made loan offers.

We fully and rigorously comply with all privacy and data protection laws in every country, as well as explicitly request the customer's consent in using his stored data to process every loan application. Our Privacy Policy explicitly states how we use this data and the processes we follow.

We work with every partner's existing data structure and develop a tailor-made coded script for you to run on your end as frequently as possible. The output from this code is only shared on the data endpoint of our API once a customer requests a loan and after receiving approval from the customer to share this data. This allows us to not only comply with local data privacy laws but to also ensure that we get the most updated data and thus make loan offers that are a better match for that customer at that specific moment.

While our mission is to deliver financial services to everyone, we are assessing every potential partner on a one-on-one basis. If you are interested in partnering up, please reach out to us by filling out this form.
In the meantime, our API documentation is available here.

After signing the contract, integrating the Olipay API in your development environment is straightforward, and we can start making loan offers to a small percentage of your base within a week.
Once we start making offers, we generally need 30 days to train our AI-based algorithm with a first set of users before offering loans gradually to a larger portion of your customer base. This allows us to build up your customer portfolio in a more efficient manner.

Our partner portal has all times of performance dashboards from volume origination to repayment and cohort analysis. We also offer detailed breakdown by customer ID, allowing you to really track performance at a granular level.

Once approved, customers receive funds within minutes. In the case of PIX, it's literally seconds!

Our loan terms are generally 30-60 days and start as little as US$30 and can go up to US$300 for repeat customers. We do not charge interest but rather a flat fee on the loan that can also vary between 10%-15% per month. We do charge a 10% late fee for customers that are past due.

We offer in-app repayment options using our API, and customers can always repay using the Olipay app (no need to register again), as well as our collections portal. We accept cash, credit or debit card, bank transfer, PIX, and other major payment methods.

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